Systems Engineering / Integration

Our firm is well known as systems integration specialists and for our work in systems engineering.  The experience of our staff includes design, construction and operational experience and covers all transit subsystems and disciplines, including Communications, Signals, Street Traffic Controllers, Overhead Contact Systems, Power Rail/Third Rail/Contact Rail, Traction Power Substations, System-wide Electrical & Ductbanks, Ticket Vending Equipment/Automated Fare Collection, Computer Aided Dispatch/Automatic Vehicle Location (CAD/AVL), Stations and Station equipment, Parking, Maintenance/Control Facilities, Trackwork/Guideways and Vehicles. 

This experience makes our design and implementation of transit systems better, because we understand all subsystems, and the interfaces between subsystems.  For every design we work on, we use a systems engineering approach to evaluate systems interfaces between subsystems and resolve these issues in the individual design packages.  Our systems engineering and integration experience includes SYSTEMS ENGINEERING APPROACH and SYSTEMS INTEGRATION.

  • Applicability/compliance with codes, standards, standard configurations and architectures, for subsystems and the entire system
  • Defining applicable design best practices and guidelines
  • Feasibility Studies / Alternatives Analysis
  • Identifying System Requirements
  • Systems design criteria development/evaluation
  • System safety and security criteria development, evaluation
  • Life cycle approach to design and implementation, defining upgrade paths, design life/replacement planning
  • A Lessons Learned approach to improve on prior designs
  • Systems design research/investigation of successes at other transit agencies
  • Design basis memorandums and recommendations
  • Hazard analysis, safety certification
  • Inclusion of detailed testing requirements required by codes and standards, best practices, safety certification
  • Intermodal interfaces/integration, Rail, Bus, Paratransit, BRT, People Mover/Monorail
  • Freight Rail, Streets/Highways interfaces/integration
  • Conceptual designs
  • Detailed final designs
  • Management presentations/approvals
  • Quality assurance/quality control
  • Transit Subsystem Interface definition matrix
  • Subsystem contract interfaces and riser diagrams emergency power interfaces
  • Signals, Communications, Central Control Hardware and Software Integration with standard operating procedures and training
  • Interface definition between the guideway/train and power distribution, signals, communications
  • Determination of Vehicle Dynamic Envelopes, interfaces with guideway and stations
  • Vehicle/Guideway dynamics, ride comfort for passengers
  • Vehicle loading, interfaces to guideway
  • Station/Facility physical safety/security (CPTED) design integration
  • Electrical systems physical and electrical interfaces including enclosures, conduit/ductbank, wall/rack space, termination, grounding interfaces, subsystem security/isolation requirements
  • Device interaction and sequence of operations, for devices controlled and monitored remotely
  • Data systems integration, protocols, wiring
  • SCADA point database, function and graphics definition, both wayside and onboard vehicles, data protocol interfaces
  • Interfaces to passengers for vehicles, human/machine interface (HMI) for control centers, human factors studies
  • Management of software development and delivery/implementation/testing
  • Validation/verification planning/testing
  • Safety certification, hazard resolution, rail activation
Featured Projects
Mountain View Light Rail Double Track Efficiency Project Phases 1 & 2, San Jose, Santa Clara VTA: LA was responsible for providing a Systems Integration Manager, Systems Construction Manager, System Test Manager, Rail Activation Manager, Safety Certification Manager, and Systems Inspectors. We were responsible for managing all systems construction along with trackwork, testing and commissioning and completing the CPUC certification for this light rail double track project, which also included Caltrain construction and coordination. LA was responsible for signaling, communications, overhead contact system, traction power substations upgrades, traffic signal controller interfaces, station systems, power distribution, combined system ductbank, track, special trackwork and switches.
Mountain View Light Rail Double Track Efficiency Project Phases 1 & 2, San Jose, Santa Clara VTA
Fastracks I-225 Light Rail System, Denver RTD: Responsible for design and construction support for communications, automated fare collection, signal system network, control center, systemwide electrical and systems integration with signals, traction power substations, overhead contact system, at grade and elevated stations, track, and other transit system LRT and Commuter Rail extensions. Communications included the fiber optic network, SCADA system, CCTV for stations and park-n-ride lots (202 cameras), emergency telephones, public address/variable message sign system.
Fastracks I-225 Light Rail System, Denver RTD
VTA Light Rail System Systemwide Improvements 20+ Projects), San Jose, Santa Clara VTA: LA completed more than 20 planning, design and construction management projects outside of line extension projects, for existing system upgrades including: North & South Line PA/communications upgrade design (Guadalupe), San Jose/VTA Traffic Controller network, TVM/Translink planning & design, TVM/Network design, VTA Administrative/O&M Network links, Operations Control Center Overview Display/Console ergonomics, UPS Power System for OCS control circuits, Train Identification System/Signals TWC design Younger Yard/South Line, Fiber Cabling planning systemwide, WiFi/WiMesh/WiMax site investigation, preliminary design and feasibility study systemwide; Centralized Traffic Control compiled systemwide georeferenced/GIS base map, SCADA upgrade planning, TVM network separation planning, PA site & sound quality survey & report for all stations, SCADA central control programming/configuration, SCADA 65 Node Network CPUC Safety/Security Certification, Legacy SONET System Removal/As Built Preparation/Cable Management (65 sites), Fiber Optic Network design Trankslink/IT/CCTV (65 sites), Smart Corridor planning and coordination with the city of San Jose and county of Santa Clara, and Control Center Upgrades. The VTA system has 42 miles of light rail, with 100 light rail vehicles.
VTA Light Rail System Systemwide Improvements 20+ Projects), San Jose, Santa Clara VTA
Detroit Downtown People Mover/LRT, Detroit Transportation Commission/UTDC: Provided design, construction management, and system integration testing services for this elevated 3.0 mile, 12 station system, including work on the elevated concrete guideway, trackwork, third rail/power rail system, traction power substations, power distribution substations and switchgear, fully automated driverless moving block train control system hardware and software, systemwide electrical, operations and maintenance building, control center, data center, stations, automated fare collection system/turnstiles, communications systems, SCADA system and software, O&M staffing planning, vehicle maintenance software system, and Kingston, Ontario test track system evaluation/testing.
Detroit Downtown People Mover/LRT, Detroit Transportation Commission/UTDC