Stations Operations & Maintenance Facilities

We have extensive facility planning, design, and construction management experience for transit, for both new construction and remodeling/reconstruction, including stations, operations and maintenance facilities, park and ride lots, and remote buildings.

Our experience includes entire buildings, with architectural, civil, structural, electrical, technology and mechanical discipline design experience; power and lighting electrical design, fire alarm, computer network and security systems design. Our strong systems engineering abilities ensures integration of innovative systems into buildings and facilities.

Our services include Building Design, Building Electrical/Mechanical Systems, Fire Alarm Systems, Security/Intrusion Detection, Control Centers/Data Centers, Technology Systems, and Construction Administration.

  • Planning, Feasibility Studies, Programming
  • schematic and Detailed Design
  • Sketches, Visualizations
  • Renderings/Fly Through Video
  • Site Evaluation, Utility Coordination
  • Site Plans
  • GIS Maps, Aerial Photography, DEM
  • Floor Plans
  • Utility Design
  • Water, Stormwater, Sewer, Power
  • Foundation Systems
  • framing/Structure
  • Truss, Space Frame Station Canopies
  • Concrete, Steel, Wood Design
  • Roofing systems
  • Finishes, Material and Equipment Selection
  • Landscaping
  • Construction Documents
  • Building Information Modeling (BIM)
  • Autodesk Revit, Sketchup Experience
  • Power distribution design
  • Design of panels, transformers, power supplies per NEC requirements
  • Conduit, cable trays and wiring
  • Lighting and Lighting Control design
  • Uninterruptible Power Supply
  • Power conditioning/surge suppression
  • Solar Power Systems
  • HVAC systems
  • Transit shop equipment
  • Shop vehicle umbilical cabling
  • Smoke, Ionization, Heat Detectors
  • Warning Systems
  • Water flow SCADA monitoring
  • Fire alarm interface to central SCADA systems
  • Closed Circuit Television Systems (CCTV)
  • Infrared Illumination
  • Facility Security Systems, Intrusion Alarms
  • Door and window contacts/alarms
  • Infrared sensors/alarms
  • Perimeter Security Systems
  • Facial, License Plate CCTV Recognition systems
  • Access Control Systmes
  • Vulnerability/Security Assessments
  • Control Center ergonomics design
  • Control Room furniture design
  • Computer Equipment design and configuration
  • Overview Displays
  • LCD/LED, Projector Displays
  • Central control LANs
  • Data Centers, Server Rooms
  • Voice Over IP Telephone Systems
  • Voice Over IP Gateways
  • Conventional Telephone Systems
  • Legacy PBX, PABX, Channel Banks
  • Integration with PA and Radio Systems
  • Computer LANs, Wireless, Data Centers
  • SCADA Systems Integration
  • Construction Management
  • Site Inspections
  • Existing Utilities Coordination
  • Response to RFIs, Submittals, Contractor Design Review
  • Resident Engineers
Featured Projects
Sound Transit University Link (LRT Subway), Seattle: Provided construction management support and systems inspection, as well as testing and commissioning support for communications, signal system, systemwide electrical and integration with the existing fiber optic network, overhead contact system, traction power substations, track, tunnels, and stations. Subsystems included the fiber optic network, tunnel/cross passage and underground communications systems, radio/data systems, fire alarm, tunnel ventilation, SCADA/train control/signals, passenger information systems, variable message signs, public address systems, cross passage, control stations/central control hardware/software, CCTV system, and emergency telephones.
Sound Transit University Link (LRT Subway), Seattle
VTA Light Rail System Systemwide Improvements 20+ Projects), San Jose, Santa Clara VTA: LA completed more than 20 planning, design and construction management projects outside of line extension projects, for existing system upgrades including: North & South Line PA/communications upgrade design (Guadalupe), San Jose/VTA Traffic Controller network, TVM/Translink planning & design, TVM/Network design, VTA Administrative/O&M Network links, Operations Control Center Overview Display/Console ergonomics, UPS Power System for OCS control circuits, Train Identification System/Signals TWC design Younger Yard/South Line, Fiber Cabling planning systemwide, WiFi/WiMesh/WiMax site investigation, preliminary design and feasibility study systemwide; Centralized Traffic Control compiled systemwide georeferenced/GIS base map, SCADA upgrade planning, TVM network separation planning, PA site & sound quality survey & report for all stations, SCADA central control programming/configuration, SCADA 65 Node Network CPUC Safety/Security Certification, Legacy SONET System Removal/As Built Preparation/Cable Management (65 sites), Fiber Optic Network design Trankslink/IT/CCTV (65 sites), Smart Corridor planning and coordination with the city of San Jose and county of Santa Clara, and Control Center Upgrades. The VTA system has 42 miles of light rail, with 100 light rail vehicles.
VTA Light Rail System Systemwide Improvements 20+ Projects), San Jose, Santa Clara VTA
RTD Bus System, Denver, Denver RTD: Provided planning through 2018, stakeholder meeting facilitation support, site evaluation report, and design services for this bus and rail CAD/AVL, P25 Voice and Broadband Data communications system, for 1050 buses, 208 support vehicles and 9 facilities including the control/dispatch center. Completed facility inspections and evaluations, evaluated existing bus routes and system coverage, performed propagation analysis, prepared system design.
RTD Bus System, Denver, Denver RTD
Thames River People Mover, London -- Completed system planning including technology assessment, conceptual design, plan & profile, network capacity analysis, station and maintenance facility location selection, renderings of London, aerial guideway structure and vehicle, alternatives analysis for different vehicle sizes, value engineering, and life cycle cost estimation.
Thames River People Mover, London