Track / Guideway

LA offers track and guideway design for transit systems.  Our project experience includes elevated concrete and steel guideways, conventional rail and ballast, and specialized guideway structures including cable supported structures.  Our work includes evaluation of geotechnical reports, design of structural fills, foundation system design, column and guideway design.  We use our proprietary software to develop track alignments and perform alternatives analysis.  Our engineering services include Design and Construction, Construction Management, Systems Integration, and Testing and Commissioning.

  • Feasibility Studies
  • Alternatives Analysis
  • Plan & Profile, Crossections
  • Site/Grading Plans
  • Foundation Systems
  • Structure Design
  • Subgrade and Ballast
  • Concrete, Steel, Wood Design
  • Piles, Pile Cap, Caisson Design
  • Column and Elevated Guideway Design
  • Bridge Structures
  • Specialized Elevated Cable/Bridge Structures
  • Retaining Walls
  • Fencing and Landscaping
  • Site Inspections
  • Response to RFIs, Submittals, Contractor Design Review
  • Resident Engineers, Contract Administration
  • Construction Safety Certification
  • Design coordination for traction power feeders and negative returns
  • Track bonding
  • Coordination with combined system ductbank, conduits, manholes/vaults
  • Track/guideway signage mounted to power poles
  • Intrusion Detection, Portal Detection Systems
  • Definition of fouling points for trains
  • Speed and Access Signage
  • Grade Crossings, panels, signage, signals and traffic controller integration
  • Test Procedure Development
  • Track/Earth Resistance Testing
  • Performance/Integration testing with vehicles under design conditions

Featured Projects

Mountain View Light Rail Double Track Efficiency Project Phases 1 & 2, San Jose, Santa Clara VTA: LA was responsible for providing a Systems Integration Manager, Systems Construction Manager, System Test Manager, Rail Activation Manager, Safety Certification Manager, and Systems Inspectors. We were responsible for managing all systems construction along with trackwork, testing and commissioning and completing the CPUC certification for this light rail double track project, which also included Caltrain construction and coordination. LA was responsible for signaling, communications, overhead contact system, traction power substations upgrades, traffic signal controller interfaces, station systems, power distribution, combined system ductbank, track, special trackwork and switches.

Mountain View Light Rail Double Track Efficiency Project Phases 1 & 2, San Jose, Santa Clara VTA

Las Vegas Monorail, Douglas Petersen & Associates/Lloyds of London, Las Vegas NV -- Prepared a system evaluation report, and provided construction management services, including scheduling and contract administration support, for this 7 station, 3.9 mile system, from the Hilton to MGM Hotels. The concrete guideway/track is elevated dual lane, with driverless trains and communications based train control.

Las Vegas Monorail, Douglas Petersen & Associates/Lloyds of London, Las Vegas NV

Daegu Monorail, Daegu, South Korea, Sungwon Tramway – Provided planning, alternatives analysis, and design services for this 15 mile automated people mover system, including analysis of river crossing options (suspension, stayed, segment box girder, beam, arch), column and guideway options. The river crossing includes a dual lane 1000 ft. bridge span.

Daegu Monorail, Daegu, South Korea, Sungwon Tramway

Detroit Downtown People Mover/LRT, Detroit Transportation Commission/UTDC: Provided design, construction management, and system integration testing services for this elevated 3.0 mile, 12 station system, including work on the elevated concrete guideway, trackwork, third rail/power rail system, traction power substations, power distribution substations and switchgear, fully automated driverless moving block train control system hardware and software, systemwide electrical, operations and maintenance building, control center, data center, stations, automated fare collection system/turnstiles, communications systems, SCADA system and software, O&M staffing planning, vehicle maintenance software system, and Kingston, Ontario test track system evaluation/testing.

Detroit Downtown People Mover/LRT, Detroit Transportation Commission/UTDC