Vehicles / Trains

LA experience with vehicles includes work with manufacturers to design, fabricate and assemble train cars and trains, unloading and installation of trains onto track and track structures, and testing/commissioning of transit vehicles.  We have worked for manufacturers building vehicles, and served as owner representatives to inspect and accept vehicles at the factory.   While most of our experience is with people mover and monorail, we also have rail vehicle experience. 

We use proprietary software to develop tractive effort required for propulsion systems, for both passenger and maintenance vehicles, including development of velocity/acceleration/jerk profiles and duty cycles.  We have also designed technology systems for buses, BRT vehicles, and supervisor cars/trucks with technology systems.  In addition to these systems, we’ve designed custom on track maintenance vehicles. 

Our engineering services include Vehicle/Train Design, Technology Systems, Equipment Design and Equipment Selection, Design/Fabrication/Assembly Management, Systems Integration, and Testing & Commissioning.

  • Conceptual Design and Renderings/Animations
  • Human Factors/Ergonomics Analysis
  • Capacity Analysis and Structural Analysis for AWO, AW1, AW2, AW3, AW4
  • Finite Element Analysis for Frames/Structure
  • Worst Case and Fatigue loading analysis
  • Static and Dynamic load cases and load combinations development, including triaxial stress and fatigue loading cases, load factors, factors of safety
  • Impact loading analysis, anticlimbing, failure modes analysis
  • Structural framing and exterior/interior skins/finish design
  • Welded and bolted connections, bearings
  • Vehicle Area Networks, Smart Trains
  • Wireless Networking
  • P25 Digital, Analog Voice Radio Systems
  • Health Monitoring and Wayside Data Transmission
  • Communications Based Train Control Wireless Communications
  • CAD/AVL Mobile Data Terminals
  • Passenger Infotainment Systems, Passenger Internet Systems
  • Passenger Counters
  • Propulsion motors and control systems
  • Motor selection, Pantograph, Power Pickup Design
  • Chassis and suspension design
  • Wheel/tire and braking system selection
  • Operator control consoles
  • Onboard Vehicle Control and Automation Systems, interface of drive/braking and ancillary systems with operator consoles/operator interfaces
  • Passenger seating and Handicapped Wheelchair Restraints
  • Floor sandwich panels, floor coverings
  • Door openers, car to car transitions
  • Glazing/glass, trim, equipment cover panels
  • Emergency Evacuation
  • Couplers, Bumpers
  • Owner Representative
  • Design Reviews, Factory and Site Inspections
  • Contract Administration
  • Safety Certification
  • Development of track guideway load cases and load combination based upon static and dynamic loading from trains
  • Signal system interfaces, train to wayside loop transponders
  • OCS/Pantograph design coordination for contact wire heights
  • Grade Crossing Timing, Traffic Controller Interface
  • Test Procedure Development
  • Vehicle checkout and testing, conducting tests
  • Performance/Integration testing with vehicles under design conditions
  • Dynamic testing with water/sand/weight ballast
  • OCS Pantograph clearance envelope development and testing
  • Interface from Pantograph to Contact Wire
  • Power Rail/Third Rail Contact Shoe testing
  • Wheel/Rail Interface Testing
  • Grade Crossing Performance, timing testing with dynamic train testing
Featured Projects
Sound Transit University Link (LRT Subway), Seattle: Provided construction management support and systems inspection, as well as testing and commissioning support for communications, signal system, systemwide electrical and integration with the existing fiber optic network, overhead contact system, traction power substations, track, tunnels, and stations. Subsystems included the fiber optic network, tunnel/cross passage and underground communications systems, radio/data systems, fire alarm, tunnel ventilation, SCADA/train control/signals, passenger information systems, variable message signs, public address systems, cross passage, control stations/central control hardware/software, CCTV system, and emergency telephones.
Sound Transit University Link (LRT Subway), Seattle
RTD Bus System, Denver, Denver RTD: Provided planning through 2018, stakeholder meeting facilitation support, site evaluation report, and design services for this bus and rail CAD/AVL, P25 Voice and Broadband Data communications system, for 1050 buses, 208 support vehicles and 9 facilities including the control/dispatch center. Completed facility inspections and evaluations, evaluated existing bus routes and system coverage, performed propagation analysis, prepared system design.
RTD Bus System, Denver, Denver RTD
Pierce Transit Bus System (Seattle): Provided planning, performed stakeholder interviews, reviewed incident history for vehicles, completed site evaluation report, and supplied design services for communications and security, including wireless networking/intelligent transportation systems and CCTV/security systems. Specified facility improvements, upgrades for 180 buses, planning for new bus implementations.
Pierce Transit Bus System (Seattle)
Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority Bus System: Prepared intelligent transportation system communications master plan, interviewed project stakeholders, integrated the design with the existing and planned light rail systems, jointly prepared and published industry paper with VTA to assist planning at other agencies.
Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority Bus System